Electromagnetic Frequencies/ Space Anomalies

Electromagnetic Frequencies/ Space Anomalies


HostConnie Willis

GuestsJerry Avalos, John Lenard Walson, Open Lines

John Lenard Walson is apparently able to capture unbelievable and revealing photos of the Moon, celestial bodies and even strange spacecraft. Some (including a professor at Cambridge University) believe he is imaging objects that are related to the United States’ secret space program. Walson claims that "you do not need expensive cameras" to capture these amazing photos, and that anyone can copy his method for a fraction of the cost of a typical astrophotography setup. He joined Connie Willis to describe in detail how the listeners could build their own powerful imaging and tracking equipment from an off-the-shelf telescope, a $40 webcam, a laptop computer, and various freely available software.

Walson says that the webcam can be easily attached to a modest telescope with the imaging and tracking duties handled by the software, which is available online for free. Walson says he is donating one of his setups to legendary Coast favorite John Lear, and that he especially enjoys traveling around the UK teaching schoolchildren about the wonders of the cosmos. He has started a gofundme campaign to afford a new van and other equipment for this purpose. Walson’s phone connection was lost in the second hour, and did not return for the remainder of the program. It was reported that Walson was "OK, but very frustrated" as his cell and internet service seemed to have disappeared.

Willis took calls from the listeners until the end of the show. Mark in Kentucky said he has noticed the phone problems before, especially during broadcasts of more controversial material. Patrick in California asked the host how she became interested in the paranormal. Willis said that she grew up in a haunted house and for the longest time "thought it was normal" to live with ghosts. In the last hour, Russ called in from Pennsylvania to describe his years in Air Force Intelligence in the 1970s and 1980s. He claimed that the robotics and AI we are being shown today were at the same level of sophistication in the 1980s, and that there is a group of people on the planet "who are way more advanced than us," meaning a very powerful elite. Nathan from Oregon asked Willlis about her interest in Bigfoot. She described a harrowing experience in the northwest woods with two apparent hairy hominids who spoke to her telepathically.


In the first hour, Jerry Avalos, lead researcher & developer for Intrinsic Energy Innovations, discussed electromagnetic frequencies, their effects on health, and what you can do about it. Avalos is also a psychic and intuitive and found out in childhood that he could practice astral projection. Although trained as an artist, he says he taught himself principles of engineering, which allowed him to realize that nature and our planet are surrounded by frequencies that affect our lives and mental functioning. He has noticed that the current "quiet phase" of solar activity is causing remote viewers and other people who utilize psychic talents to become less effective. "The frequencies are jammed right now," he declared. This can be restored by such things as being near water, says Avalos. He concluded by stating that there are "hundreds of studies" using scientific methods on the effectiveness of alternative therapies and that people should "give them a try."


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