Mark Steven Williams

Mark Steven Williams


Mark Steven Williams of StarGeezer Astronomy is an amateur astronomer and broadcaster. For nearly twenty years Mark has been presenting astronomy and science community outreach programs with schools, public libraries, parks departments, planetariums, observatories and at private events. Williams is a radio-TV broadcaster who’s career spans on air and behind-the-scenes positions with media outlets in Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego and San Bernardino, California and Louisville, Kentucky.

His most recent position was with a major broadcast company as Operations and Affiliate Relations Director for a statewide radio news network based in Louisville, KY. The “What’s Up with the StarGeezer” astronomy and stargazing radio feature is currently in pre-production and will debut in January, 2018. Mark authored the feature article “Out of this World Outreach” which appeared in the May, 2014 issue of Sky and Telescope magazine and was the editor of the “Contest Corner” column for WorldRadio magazine 2006-08. Mark is currently enjoying part time work as an Interpretive Tour Guide at Indiana Caverns show cave at Corydon, IN.


Past Shows:

  • Out-of-Body Journeys

    Albert Taylor detailed his 'soul travel' journeys. First hour guest Mark Williams shared solar eclipse viewing tips.More »

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