Dan Willis

Dan Willis


Dan Willis is one of the Disclosure Project's twenty Top Secret military witnesses that testified at the National Press Club in Washington DC. He explains the history of how a secret government operating illegally within our National Security system has maintained control of the media and secrecy for over 50 years. An ex-ABC newsman, Dan has taken a keen interest in how the media has withheld disclosure of the full message to the public.


Past Shows:

  • Pentagon UFO Report & Disclosure

    Dan Willis discussed the recently released Pentagon UFO report, the latest in disclosure, and the mainstream media's role in withholding the truth. Open Lines followed in the last hour.More »
  • UFO Disclosure & Mars Theories

    UFO disclosure was addressed by two guests.In the second hour, Disclosure Project witness Dan Willis shared his testimony that he presented at the 2001 conference. In 1969, he was a code operator and translated a coded message from a Navy ship off the coast of Alaska. Sailors...More »