John Zada

John Zada


John Zada is an author, journalist and photographer based in Toronto, Canada. An interest in adventure travel and remote regions have taken him to some far-flung parts of the world. His first book is 'In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond: In Search of the Sasquatch.' John's work has appeared in such publications as the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Travel + Leisure, BBC, CBC, Al-Jazeera, New York Post, Explore, Maisonneuve, Montecristo, Los Angeles Review of Books, Toque & Canoe and Canadian Business.

Before turning his focus to writing, he spent several years working as a documentary filmmaker. He directed such projects as 'Up At Dawn: The Working Children of Egypt', and 'The Bitterest Exile'. More recently, John worked as a producer on 'Canada's Dark Secret' for Al-Jazeera, a film about Canada's residential school system.



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