Stanton Friedman / Dr. H. Paul Shuch

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Date Host Art Bell
Guests Stanton Friedman, Dr. H. Paul Shuch

Stanton Friedman often referred to as the "Father of Roswell",Stanton Friedman was the first to investigate the incident beginning in1978. He has been investigating UFO incidents since the mid 1950's. Since1967, Friedman has lectured on the topic of UFOs at more than 600 collegesand over 100 professional groups in 50 states, 9 Provinces, England, Italy,Germany, Holland, France, Finland, Brazil, Australia, Korea, Mexico, Turkey,Argentina, and Israel.

Dr. H. Paul Shuch, also known as Dr. SETI, is something of across between Carl Sagan and Tom Lehrer. The aerospace engineer creditedwith the design of the world's first commercial home satellite TV receivernow directs his microwave interests toward the search for life in space. Dr.Shuch received his Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of California,Berkeley. Before joining The SETI League as its Executive Director, heserved as an engineering professor on various campuses for a total of 24years.


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