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Living for the Dead

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Dr. Janis Amatuzio

“A death investigation is really a life investigation,” said Dr. Janis Amatuzio who was the guest this past Sunday night. Known as the “compassionate coroner,” she is a forensic pathologist who has specialized in understanding the dead and sensitively dealing with families who have suffered a loss.

As she related a number of her poignant encounters, George said “you know Janis, if I ever do succumb, you’re the kind of coroner who I’d like to have talk to my family about what happened to me.”

“So many of my friends say we love you Janis, but we don’t want to see you professionally!” she replied with a touch of humor.

In her new book “Forever Ours,” she recounts some unusual cases she’s come across in her forensic and medical practice. One such incident involved a patient she was treating in the hospital who told her about his out-of-body experience he’d had during a previous medical incident. The man described to her leaving his body out of the top of his head. “I remember looking down on my body and for a moment wondering whose body it was,” he told her. “I could hear the thoughts of everyone in that room,” he continued. Extraordinarily, the patient next to him went into cardiac arrest and suddenly left his body through the top of his head too. “And was he surprised to see me!” the patient exclaimed to her.


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