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2003: Through the Eyes of a Psychic

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Joseph Jacobs

"A good psychic is out to prepare you not scare you," said Joseph Jacobs who was George's guest on the first night of 2003. Jacobs is an internationally known psychic who has counseled over 15,000 people since 1982. A frequent guest on George's previous radio show on KTRS, Jacobs' website includes such features as his Daily Psychic Views.

Jacobs makes use of elements from astrology and numerology in addition to his intuition to form his psychic readings. 2003 is a "5" Jacobs said, which indicates change. Here are some of things he predicted for various countries for the coming year:

  • USA: Jacobs predicts the week of January 16th to be a rocky one for the stock market with the possibility that there could be a terrorist attack around this time. He sees February as a "heavy month" with both a lot of rain and military action.
  • North Korea: "I see them rattling their swords," Jacobs said about the country that has been in the news with their nuclear capabilities. Between Jan. 17th and March 9th he believes North Korea will be undergoing many fluctuations. Then after March 10th he sees them "becoming militaristic."
  • Japan: "Japan has an opportunity for major retooling and expansion after Jan.19th," Jacobs said. However he cautioned that between March 12th and May 2nd, Japan may face great loss from tsunamis and flooding.

Later, George continued what Art had started the previous night, inviting listeners to phone in their predictions for the coming year while Jacobs provided commentary.


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