Mars' True Colors

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Mars' True Colors

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"I am basically coming to the conclusion that the $15 billion we're spending in NASA is not the real space program. It's window dressing. The real space program is being run by other folks-- maybe even from another continent for purposes that the American people haven't a clue about," asserted the always provocative Richard C. Hoagland in his Thursday night appearance on the show.

Hoagland presented various types of photo documentation suggesting that NASA is making a concerted effort to make us believe that Mars is not as Earth-like as many photos taken by amateurs imply. Many of the amateur photos have a wider color palette than the desert-like NASA pictures. Towards further discovery, Hoagland and his Enterprise Mission team are putting out a challenge for amateurs to photograph "the best damn images of Mars," when it comes closest to our planet this August.

"If they (NASA) have been lying to us about something so simple as color, what else have they been lying to us about?" Hoagland posed.

"But why?" George asked.

"Because, if there has been a literal transference of human beings from Mars in an incredibly distant era to the Earth, refugees who came from a dying civilization-- and there were records preserved of that transference-- That we are Martians and a select few have had access to those recordings, have held these sacred texts & documents that got to the heart of the origins of the human race itself. And if these people, self-appointed priests have formed a religion around this knowledge, obviously it would only be bequeathed to a chosen few. It wouldn't be for the many. It would be for the insiders and the elite," Hoagland replied laying out some of the complex machinations that he believes are behind a NASA cover-up.

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Tonight's guest Richard C. Hoagland has had a long standing fascination with Mars, believing the planet contains evidence of previous civilizations. While this is a hotly debated topic, one thing is for sure. Mars is getting ready for its close-up. By late August of this year, it will be the closest it's been to Earth in 73,000 years! As the Red Planet moves in, it will be growing steadily brighter and larger in the sky. And by the time August 27th rolls around, it will be literally millions of miles closer to us than it is now. Mars will appear six times larger and 85 times brighter, and be outshone in the night sky by only Venus and the moon.

According to, Mars comes into "opposition" every 26 months, when the Sun, Earth and Mars form a straight line. But this time around, because Mars is as close to the Sun as it ever gets on its orbit, it will be extraordinarily close to us. Just think the last time, Mars appeared like this in the sky, Neanderthals may have looked up and wondered about it.--L.L.