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End Times are Here

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Father Andrew C. Wingate, the founder of the "Oblates of St. Therese" which is part of the North American Old Roman Catholic Church, made his debut on Coast this past Wednesday night. Though he considers himself to be an outcast from the traditional branch of Catholicism, he has performed frequent exorcisms, even working with Father Malachi Martin in one case where he says they worked on 15 possessed people simultaneously. A believer in "end times," Wingate's website is called The Trumpeter's Mission.

After discussing some of his experiences conducting exorcisms (one person they treated was being plagued by a staggering 70 demons) Father Wingate discussed some of his prophetic visions which he explained come to him when he is "talking to heaven," and he hears a voice in his head. Before he announces his prophecies he checks with a group of other mystic priests to confirm them. Needless to say, as a believer that we are living in "end times," Wingate's visions weren't pretty. He foresees something horrible happening in the next 90 days though he couldn't specify where it would happen. He did liken the event to a nuclear attack and said there would be horrendous destruction.

Things don't get better further down the road. Within two years the U.S. will be invaded by the United Nations after America sinks one of its own battleships, Wingate said. Then there'll be a 9.0 earthquake in Kansas City that will last for almost an hour ("The city will be virtually destroyed because of fire," Wingate said). Finally we'll have six days of post-Armageddon darkness followed by 40 years of dusk-like skies.

"I don't want to believe me," Father Wingate said. "I have 17 brothers and sisters who are thoroughly convinced I am a lunatic," he added. And yet he pointed out that he offers his prophecies for no financial gain or notoriety. Rather he feels as part of his faith, an obligation and duty to warn people of what is to come so they can prepare.

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Tonight's guest, Father Andrew Wingate, was acquainted with the late Jesuit priest (and beloved Coast guest) Malachi Martin. In fact he even assisted him on one of his exorcisms. The documented practice of exorcism dates back to the time of Jesus and was frequently mentioned in the New Testament.

In his fascinating book which explored the secretive world of exorcisms, Hostage to the Devil, Father Martin detailed some of the common traits of possession which church authorities use to verify a case. Here are some of them:

  • revulsion to religious symbols (such as the cross)
  • inexplicable stench
  • freezing temperature
  • telepathic powers
  • peculiarly unlined or smooth face/unusual distortion of face
  • "possessed gravity" i.e. victim becomes physically immovable or those around are weighed down with a suffocating pressure
  • levitation
  • violent smashing of furniture
  • constant opening of and slamming of doors
  • tearing of fabric near victim, without a hand being laid

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