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"Skull and Bones is basically about power. They exist only to put members of Skull and Bones into positions of power and then encourage those members in positions of authority to hire other members," said Alexandra Robbins who appeared on the Wednesday night show. Robbins, the author of "Secrets of the Tomb," an investigation into the Skull and Bones secret society, outlined how a small but loyal group who joined the club at Yale, have gone on to wield an inordinate amount of power in a variety of fields. In fact, she pointed out that "Bonesman" Pres. George W. Bush has selected numerous club members to high level positions in his administration.

Robbins described the Skull and Bones initiation ritual which takes place in the Tomb, a mysterious gothic building on the Yale campus. The ritual includes the inductees wearing costumes (such as that of a Pope and a Devil) and resting one foot on a skull while drinking a blood-like liquid. There are many, many skulls throughout the Tomb, Robbins said, allegedly even the skull of Geronimo, the famed Indian. While Robbins hadn't had access to the Tomb, a caller to the program recounted seeing "a statue of a grim reaper with dead pigeons around the base and what looked like blood," which made it appear as if a demonic ritual had been conducted there.

Since the publication of her book, Robbins said she had been harangued by a member of the Skull and Bones society who also worked in publishing and intimated that her writing career would be destroyed. Later, a caller to the program, claiming to be a Skull and Bones member, confronted Robbins. He accused her of propagating inaccuracies about the society and said that no member of Skull and Bones would have ever shared information with her. Robbins said she interviewed dozens of cooperative Bonesmen for her book.

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Alexandra Robbins has written an expose of the secretive Skull and Bones society. Another such private group that has aroused much curiosity over the years is the Bohemian Club. The male-only club has included some of the world's most rich and powerful men, who have been meeting every summer in the 2,700-acre Bohemian Grove in Northern California for over a century. In 1999, such notables as the former and current Pres. Bush's, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Newt Gingrich and Dow Chemical Chairman Frank Popoff were all in attendance. President Herbert Hoover once called the Bohemian Club "the greatest men's party on Earth."

The gathering said to celebrate "the spirit of Bohemia," begins with a "Cremation of Care" ritual where an effigy is burned to symbolize the freedom from care. Members reportedly perform in a number of other plays and rituals and are served gourmet foods and wines. In the year 2000, documentary filmmaker Alex Jones infiltrated the club and recorded the events with a hidden digital camera.

"This is like something out of a Hollywood movie, where teenagers are out camping in the wilderness and come over a hill and witness some devil cult in black and red garb sacrificing some poor soul on the altar," Jones said of what he witnessed. His video "Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove," captures various rituals and ceremonies from some distance away. Towards the end of one ceremony, Jones shot the illumination of a "giant owl god," with a high priest exclaiming: "Oh, great owl of Bohemia, we thank thee for they adoration." It is hard to tell though from viewing the excerpted clips available through the Infowars website, if one is indeed watching dark occult ceremonies or just a sinister Blair Witch type effect achieved through blurry handheld camera shots.


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