Haunted by UFOs

Haunted by UFOs


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsStan Romanek

"I could actually feel the vibration in my shirt," Stan Romanek said of a sonic boom he experienced when a UFO he was videotaping suddenly accelerated. The craft was spinning and metallic, with segmented spheres on the bottom said Romanek, who was the guest this past Monday night. "The spookiest part," was the space in between the spheres, which was a pitch black, that he said looked like infinity or a black hole.

On a dark rollercoaster ever since he experienced this sighting in 2000, Romanek has witnessed and videotaped other UFOs since then. He's also found strange scoop marks on his body a number of times. MUFON conducted tests on them, and discovered his wounds glowed fluorescent under black light. On one occasion Romanek woke up outside his house in the middle of the night, dressed only in his underwear in 20 degree weather and he was clutching a yet to be identified metallic object. There was also a gigantic depressed circle in his yard that permanently killed the grass.

Romanek, who will be speaking at this year's UFO Congress in Laughlin, said he has also undergone hypnosis. Working with therapist Deborah Lindemann, he retrieved memories of encounters with humanoid-like beings that he calls "the possum people." He described them as having huge eyes, straggly hair and long faces. They showed him visions of catastrophic Earth events that included 600 mph winds and major explosions, which he was told would occur in December of this year.

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