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Greatest Stories Never Told

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"Hit me with your greatest story never told," George said kicking off Friday night Open Lines. Dave got things off to a mysterious start, saying "I'd rather not say where I'm calling from." Explaining he had been a naval officer stationed in the Gulf War, Dave revealed details about a reverse engineered craft that was part of a program called Tacit Blue. The small vehicle was used for reconnaissance and spying he said, and was "ungodly" quiet. "It could fly at an angle of attack I've never seen before," he added.

Danny, a paramedic from NY, told a touching tale of a call he made to revive an elderly woman. Her husband told them he thought she was likely suffering from an allergic reaction to eating nuts. When Danny explained what happened to the woman, who had by then recovered at the hospital, she exclaimed "but my husband passed away two years ago!" In a similar vein was a call from a Viet Nam vet, who while serving there was led out of harm's way by a Capt. Jim Graham. It was years later when he saw the traveling "Moving Wall," which listed the names of deceased vets, that he discovered Capt. Graham had already been dead at the time of the incident.

"It ended yesterday," the Silhouette Lady solemnly declared. A caller to the program on a number of past occasions, she has been plagued by a "Shadow Person" that appeared as a silhouette on her wall. But on the night Benjamin Creme was appearing on the program she said the entity disappeared from the wall and later stood at the foot of her bed. "The end is near," it informed her. She wasn't sure if the reference was to itself, her or mankind in general.

Mystery in North Long Lake

Linda Moulton Howe reported on the inexplicable hole at North Long Lake in Brainerd, Minn. during the first hour of Friday night's show. It's an area of the lake that won't freeze even when temperatures have fallen to 20 below zero this winter. She played portions of interviews she conducted with locals, one who jokingly referred to the lake being inhabited by the "Long Ness Monster." A more prosaic explanation involved high levels of groundwater somehow contributing to the anomaly. For more on this story, view Linda's report on her website. Linda also talked about a recent sighting of a triangular craft in Utah, connecting it with an alleged government document dated from 1954 that described a similar UFO in conjunction with ETs.

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