The Pulse of War

The Pulse of War


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GuestsNick Begich

"My sense is we are at the threshold of where we may create that third major conflict in terms of world war," said Dr. Nick Begich, Monday night's guest on the show. An expert on the H.A.A.R.P. Project as well as emerging military technologies, Begich expressed concern about electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons which may be used by the U.S. in the possible Iraqi war. The precision weapon could wreak havoc on infrastructure targets while "creating a less visually appalling effect," Begich said.

Beyond the EMP instruments, Begich foresees airborne lasers that can discharge their payloads at the speed of light. He warned that "there'll be no time for reconsideration," with such weapons and that they may increase our willingness to go to war because they will facilitate attacks so readily.

Begich also commented on the "Kokomo hum" which he believes does not originate from an underground source but rather comes from some type of global cause. He also correlated some of the recent whale beaching deaths with the use of military sonar. He suggested that the underwater testing of sound could lead to massive hemorrhaging in the whales' nasal cavities.

Zapping the Enemy

One of the Dr. Nick Begich has researched is the latest developments in military technology, which seems particularly pertinent now, given our potential war with Iraq. In an article on his website titled Star Wars, Star Trek and Killing Politely, he outlines how technology that could trigger earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and weather changes may already be in the works. Further, he writes about some alarming, so-called "non lethal" weapons that use a kind of electromagnetic energy pulse that when directed at the human body can effect movement, sleep and memory. One military forecast report even suggested that this kind of system could induce the sound of a human voice within a target. This "would be pure terror. A weapon (that) could intrude into the brain of an individual represents a gross invasion of his private life," Begich writes.

Begich believes that just because we may have the technology to control the weather and induce changes in adversaries' behavior that does mean we should necessarily employ it. "The age we are in requires even greater safeguards of personal freedoms, not further constraints upon it. If freedom is what is being defended than freedom is what must be inherent in the actions our governments take," he writes.

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