Did the US Set Oil Fires in Kuwait?

Did the US Set Oil Fires in Kuwait?


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsOpen Lines, Joyce Riley

Joyce Riley, an activist on behalf of those with Gulf War Illness, presented a shocking indictment of the US government during the first two hours of Friday night's show. She said that five separate Gulf War vets had told her that US troops were responsible for setting the oil well fires in Kuwait and that it was done to "make it look like the Republican Guard had set the fire." Riley speculated that the reason behind it was a kind of PR tactic to convince the American public that Saddam Hussein and his regime were a terrible evil.

She presented a transcript of her interview with one of the accusatory vets. "The explosive I used was C4. It's light weight, it's easy to use...I placed the explosive on the wellhead and the incendiaries near by so that… after the wellhead was damaged, that the incendiary could light the crude oil to fire," he told her.

Riley, a loyal American, said she hoped that the reports could be proven wrong, but had no reason to think the soldiers were lying. Several veterans who called in during the second hour questioned the veracity of the account, commenting that the language from the transcript didn't match the military lingo they were familiar with.

You're Not Gonna Believe This!

"You're Not Gonna Believe This" was the theme of Friday's open lines which took place in the last two hours of the program. Jason from San Diego related a bizarre account of an "energy sapper" who could sleep with his eyes open and invade people's dreams.

"They put Tommy on canvas," a caller named Willie said his very young daughter told him. Tommy was a 19-yr. old family member who had recently died. Willie was perplexed by what the daughter meant until he happened by chance to enter a Laguna Beach art gallery, and saw a painting that depicted Jesus with his arm around a figure whose face was obscured by his hair. The figure did however have a huge X-shaped belt buckle just like Tommy did. Willie's daughter who was with him, reiterated: "See, I told you they put Tommy on canvas."

Friday Night Feature: The Sweat Lodge Warning

I had a strange experience once within a sweat lodge… We had been taking the whole sweat lodge ceremony lightly. But then the Shaman in the lodge began to chant/sing a very strange word: "HaiTaalmoni" over and over. We all began to sweat and feel very very hot… Then in a glaring orb of light, a face appeared to all of us. It was the face of a Black man with frosted white hair. He looked ancient. He began talking but we could not understand what he said.

The old Shaman with us began to shake and tremble and then in a very much louder voice he said..."When the moon is almost crossed the evening of its dawn 11 times and in 2 spans of its trail, the earth shall dance and the music of the drums will only be saying death: death to all that hunt the moon's face. Run & Hide until even the light of the sun cannot find your face and only then will you be safe, for the earth will crack open and spill its blood and vaiyu (?) will reign upon the open lands."

We began to grow cold and the face in the orb of light began to fade and he had tears on his cheeks and looked to the north and pointed to it and then to us. The old Shaman then jumped up and said "in the evening of the 11th dawn of the moon," and then fell over. As we regained our composure, we at first thought the old Shaman had pulled a trick on us. But we soon saw that he was in bad shape and rushed him out of the lodge and into a truck and then to a Clinic nearby. He died later that day of heart failure.

But all we could remember was him saying over and over in the truck: "Tell them all. Tell my people." (Ojibawah: we were on the Olympic peninsula.) We still don’t know for sure what it meant. There is only me left now. The others said it was time to tell someone. Of the five, only one of us may have found a reference to "the evening of the 11th dawn of the moon." And he is gone now and said only that it referred to the year 2011.

He found something at Woolaroc Museum in Bartlesville, Okla. last year but died before he could tell us more and the people there will not talk about it. (He died in their storage room where he had "slipped" into.) It had something to do with the Spook lights (vaiyu?) in that area, is all we know. And the Pawnee or Ponca (Osage) people. God or someone help us all. As time has passed this preys more and more in my thoughts and dreams. Tell them all, please.

--Jon M.

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Empath and clairvoyant LaMont Hamilton discussed his psychic experiences and numerous predictions, many of which have been published. The final hour featured Open Lines.
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