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Séance Stories

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The "Séance Line" was open this Friday night. The high-flying evening included stories of an entity that tossed a woman like a sack of potatoes, a Ouija board that exploded and a fast moving shadow that covered a 3-4 block area.

Michael in Atlanta told about a séance on a college campus that went out of control, with an angry entity attacking the participants. At one point Michael shouted "I have friends on the other side," which stopped the assault. In another turbulent encounter, a caller named Anthony described an experience he had as a youngster in Virginia Beach. He and some cohorts snuck into the abandoned house of the "Witch of Pongo," and attempted to contact her via a Ouija board. But instead of spelling out messages the board began to heat up, with the edges of it resembling the red embers of a hot coal. Anthony said he tossed the board like a Frisbee into a tree where it promptly blew up.

Kat calling from Everett, Washington told a strange tale of a fast moving shadow observed over her home. It was a clear, sunny day, when darkness suddenly engulfed a huge 3-4 block area in the early afternoon of last Wednesday she said. But "there was nothing in the sky," she explained. Kat speculated the enormous object in the sky causing the shadow was probably cloaked.

Brazilian Abduction

Linda Moulton Howe, investigative reporter, presented details about an unusual alien abduction during the first hour of Friday night's show. She traveled to Corghinho, Brazil where she interviewed a farmer named Urandir Oliveira, who said he was molecularly floated out of his bedroom into an alien craft that was occupied by blonde beings with vertically slit pupils.

Scorch marks were left on his bed and ceiling, and Linda brought back samples to be scientifically analyzed. She played an audio excerpt with biophysicist WC Levengood who examined the material. "I've never seen anything like this," he declared, saying that the internal energy of the material had been altered in a unique fashion. More details are available on Linda's website.

Friday Night Double Feature

The Child's Mother

I have been a Registered Nurse now for approximately 5 years in the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan. My co-workers and I will never forget what had happened to us one night on Sept. 24, 1998. I was working the night shift from 7pm to 7am. Like many hospitals, we work a 12 hour shift schedule.

I was working on a pediatric unit back then. I was caring for a 3 year-old child that had suffered from multiple burns and trauma. The child was involved in an automobile accident. The mother was driving down a local highway, when suddenly she lost control of her vehicle and was hit head on by an oncoming semi-truck. The mother was killed instantly but the child, who was in the back seat had survived.

On the night of Sept. 24,1998 when I was caring for the child, all of the nurses, including myself, had finished making rounds and were sitting behind the nurse's station charting. The time was approximately 0200 in the am. We had baby monitors placed in various patient rooms to monitor the children so that we could hear them crying and so on.

We had one of these monitors in the room of the child that had been involved in the accident. I was listening to the child whimper a little and then he started to cry. Just as I was getting ready to check on him, a voice of a lady had come over the monitor. She was singing to the child and told the child, "Mommy's here honey. It's okay." The other nurses and I looked at each other in disbelief. We had no recognition of the voice.

I, followed by the other nurses ran down the hall to the child's room. When we got there we found that no one was in the room and the child was sound asleep. Was it his mother who had come back from the grave for one last goodbye? The nurses and myself who had worked that night believe so. I was never a believer, but I am now. I still get awesome chills every time I tell about that night on Sept. 24, 1998.


The Spanish Visitor

Years ago my ex-husband and I stayed in a motel in Lake Worth, Texas for a week when relocating there. The first night I was awakened in the middle of the night to find a middle-aged Hispanic man standing just inside the doorway of the bathroom which faced the bed. I lay paralyzed as I watched him raise a glass in his hand toward me, turn to the sink as though filling it with water (but I heard no water running), turn back to me and salute me again. Then he brought the glass to his lips and disappeared.

I woke my husband screaming that someone was in the room but after investigating there was no one there. The bathroom had no windows and the door leading outside was on the other side of the room. My ex said I must have been having a nightmare and went back to sleep. A loooong while later, I too fell back to sleep, only to re-experience the event exactly as before. I lay awake the remainder of the night.

The following morning I noticed some Spanish words on the bathroom wall that had been painted over with white paint but were still visible. I was not able to read Spanish at the time and was too shook up to think to write them down. Needless to say, I made my ex switch rooms that day. I still wonder what the words were after all this time, and in retrospect I never actually felt the man was there to harm me. It was just so frightening at the time thinking someone was in the room.