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Thrills and Chills

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It was a roller coaster of chills and thrills on Friday's Open Lines. There was Ricky calling from his haunted mobile home, where a malevolent ghost had made its presence known, harassing his girlfriend. Meanwhile a young man from Sacramento complained of frightening waking dreams with a sinister red portal appearing in his bedroom mirror.

Martine of San Francisco, intriguingly proposed her theory that angels actually inhabit dogs' bodies. And several psychic vampires called in on the special topic line, one explaining that "it's a necessity," for him to drain others' energy.

Coast virtually turned into Cops, when a police officer named Kevin called in to relate a story of apprehending a hitchhiker who turned out to be bear. But as he was finishing up his tale, he witnessed a man pushing a new gas grill out of a closed home improvement store. He casually called in for back-up in order to arrest the would-be thief, all while giving an on-air commentary. "Ask him if he listens to Coast to Coast!" George suggested, which the officer dutifully did, before he read him his rights.

First Crop Circles of 2003

Investigator Linda Moulton Howe appeared on the first hour of Friday’s show reporting on a set of crop circles recently discovered in England. One of the formations in Privett, Hampshire, in a field of flowering oilseed rape, was in the shape of an infinity symbol or figure 8. It contained a "truncated" or severed section in the center of its design, which added to the mystery of its overall meaning. For more details on these first crop circles of the year, read Linda's Earthfiles report.

"I had this immediate sense that I was being watched. Not by the people around me but by something in the unseen…There was nothing negative about the feeling…(but it) provoked my curiosity," Linda said of the intelligent force she sensed the first time she walked into the middle of a crop circle back in the early 90s. On another such occasion "it literally felt like something had fallen on me…like a bunch of Jello just fell on the back of my neck," she said, conjecturing that high levels of magnetite in crop circles may create a field of electrostatic energy that can be sensed.

Sounds of Hell

Friday Night Feature took the night off, so that we could bring you another special request-- your own personal mp3 of the ever-popular "Sounds of Hell." Allegedly the cacophony was recorded in Russia where someone placed a microphone into a hole that ran deep into the earth. Click here to have a listen. Some say this story falls into the Urban Legend bin. Check out this piece from the folks at for their take.

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