Friday the 13th Open Lines

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Friday the 13th Open Lines


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    Not only was this past Friday night, the 13th day of the month, but it was also nearly a full moon. Accordingly, callers were all over the map with tales of both aliens and ghosts in high schools, 4-ft. dogs, transparent wolves, and a woman having a near death experience as she was giving birth. George also opened a special topic line, for those who had weird experiences, good and bad on Friday the 13th. One woman described her trip from hell, where so many mishaps occurred while attempting to get to her destination, that she now will never leave her house on any Friday the 13th.

    "I think I may have gone to high school with an alien," said a caller who proceeded to tell a story about a chum named "Matthew" who was never sick one day, yet was strangely reluctant to get a physical. He lived in an underground house with his aunt, and there was a shed on their property that no one was allowed to enter. But the oddest event said the caller, was when he and another friend were staying at Matthew's house, when his beloved dog was hit by a car. They heard a disturbing yelp, and ran out to find the pet was severely injured. Matthew asked his friends to leave him alone with the dog for awhile, and when they came back a couple hours later, they were shocked to see the dog up and running around, as if nothing had happened to him.

    Solar Flare & Comets

    Maverick physicist James McCanney joined George in the first hour of Friday's show to comment on developments in the solar system and how they relate to our planet. "The sun is going crazy," McCanney said, citing solar wind speeds that are double and triple their normal levels. These conditions are known to disrupt satellite communications, and McCanney believes they can also affect both the weather and the human psyche. The "electrical conditions of the solar system have a lot to do with driving our biological systems," he said.

    Noting that the last dozen comets "are all coming in from the Southern Hemisphere," McCanney suggested that there's something "local" that's bringing its "entourage" with it, as it grows closer to our solar system. "These are precursors," to a Planet X body or even another solar system, which he believes passes this way every 4,200- 4,300 years. Estimated time of arrival? McCanney said it could possibly be here within a decade.

    Friday the 13th Feature:Cemetery Strangeness

    by Pete C.

    On Friday, October 13th 2000 (a full moon night) I was out with a film crew that was doing a documentary on Bachelors Grove cemetery near Chicago, Illinois. They invited me along because I run the main web site for this cemetery, so I agreed to go with them. That night I filmed a strange light which can be viewed at the link below. Towards sunrise, while we were packing up to leave, I as well as another associate both saw some sort of black object about 5 feet in diameter dart across a portion of the cemetery. We were both in the middle of a discussion at the time so when it passed us by we both went silent; then stared at each other while almost at the same time said "did you see that?"

    Unfortunately we had all of our cameras packed up at that moment so nothing was ready to capture it. But at least the video camera was able to capture something of a paranormal nature earlier that night. Click here to view. (Note: The Ghost Research section of is also of interest to fans of the paranormal with orbs and mist photos documented to different headstones)

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