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    Brendan Cook & Barbara McBeath ( of the Ghost Investigators Society (G.I.S.) were back on the show on Thursday night, with an all new set of electronic voice phenomena to share. The majority of these sound clips were recorded at the "brewery" that is part of the Gold Hill Hotel in Virginia City, a ghost town in Nevada. "The entire city seems to be haunted," Cook said.

    Among the ghost voices they captured were a little girl plaintively asking "are you alone?" and a crusty older man exhorting: "I'm gonna kill ya right here." The latter clip was of special interest as it showed up on both digital and analog tape recorders simultaneously. In another unusual EVP they played (which was taped at a mausoleum) the sound of Cook falling down some stairs is heard and then a female voice asks "Are you OK?" This is an example of a "compassionate" EVP, McBeath said.

    One technique G.I.S. uses to glean material, is to ask the would-be entities questions as they walk about an investigation site. "Just like people, most people won't enter a conversation if they're not invited" into it, McBeath explained. Often the EVPs they get, do seem to be related to their conversation. Others though appear unconnected or disjointed, and sometimes seem to be responding to voices on the other side rather than theirs.

    Friedman on Roswell

    UFO Researcher Stanton Friedman appeared in the first hour of Thursday's program with a response to the latest round of Roswell debunking featured as cover stories in two magazines. "Absence of evidence, is not evidence," Friedman said regarding the Popular Mechanics article, which suggested the UFO crash didn't happen because it wasn't documented in some military records they had looked at.

    In reference to the story in Skeptic, they "started with a conclusion and ignored all the evidence that didn't fit their conclusion," he commented. Stanton Friedman will next be speaking at the MUFON Symposium in early July.

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    One of the subjects 12/30/13 guest Cal Cooper has studied is a very eerie occurrence that a number of people have reported. They actually receive a phone call from someone who has died, usually a close relative or friend. The telephone ring is said to sound somewhat abnormal and the connection may have static. However, the deceased's voice is clearly recognizable though it usually fades away or ends abruptly.

    Most calls are from the very recently deceased (within 24 hours of their passing) and the purpose behind them seems to vary. They may wish to impart a final message, issue a warning or give needed information. One of the most well known cases, was when actress/director Ida Lupino got a call from her father (who had died six months earlier) telling her where to locate some estate documents.

    Interestingly, Thomas Edison, the son of spiritualist parents, started but never completed a telephone he envisioned would connect the living and the dead.

    Source: Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

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