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The Hutchison Effect


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    The "jellification" of metal and the levitation of objects were brought about by the "Hutchison Effect," explained Canadian-based inventor John Hutchison, Art Bell's guest on Friday's night. Using such items as Tesla coils and RF generators to create the effect, Hutchison said a 1500 lb. transformer was lifted one inch.

    Tthe "Hutchison Effect" is evidenced in the composite photo of metal pieces (pictured here). These deformations occurred at room temperature as a result ofa complex combination of electromagnetic fields. Here is a guide to the images:

    • Left above: Steel.
    • Left below: Aluminum with coin marks and one coininserted in the partially opened crack.
    • Middle: Completely cracked aluminum bar.
    • Right above and below: Aluminum block partially cutopen to show a piece of wood (brown material) whichcold melted into the aluminum.

    Hutchison also talked about the Zero Point Energy Cells he created back in 1994. Composed of such materials as barium titanate and micro Casimir plates, he said the cell, about the size of a "D" battery, could collect Zero Point energy "that is all around the universe," and put out about one volt of power. Also in the works, is a Zero Point toy that could act like the tricorder from Star Trek, with an LCD readout that reflects fluctuations in energy and the movement of objects.

    Crop Circle Update

    Linda Moulton Howe ( joined Art for the first hour of Friday's show with a report on a recent spate of crop circles that have occurred worldwide, including the U.S. In an unusual case from Montegranaro, Italy, a sphere of light was seen shooting a thin beam down into a crop and was photographed by a teenage boy with his cell phone camera. Early the next morning three circles were found in the crop. For more on this case, and other crop circles found in Italy, see Linda's report.

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