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  • Roswell Deathbed Confession
  • Remarkable 'Meteors' of 1904
  • Coast Guard Sighting
  • Holland, Michigan Case
  • Strange Death in Penn.
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    On Friday night, investigator Linda Moulton Howe presented two hours of reports and special guests from the International Mutual UFO Symposium (MUFON) in Dearborn, Michigan. First, Linda brought on Stanton Friedman who shared some new information he received about the Roswell case. A woman called to tell him, that her mother, who was in the military, gave a deathbed confession of witnessing the wreckage and bodies at the 1947 crash site.

    Next up was Dr. Bruce Maccabee who presented "The Case of the Remarkable Meteors," a curious 1904 incident in which three bright objects were observed by sailors aboard a naval vessel. According to the records, the "reddish glowing objects," which could have been traveling as fast a 1,000 mph, "suddenly soared upwards," Maccabee recounted.

    Also included was author David W. Davis aka Walks-as-Bear who discussed a sighting he experienced while in the Coast Guard in 1984, involving an orange light that trailed them for over 4 hours. Attorney Wayne Gracey rounded out the evening's reports, with an update on his investigation into the strange 2002 disappearance and death of a rural Pennsylvania man which may have been connected to UFO activity. While his report was inconclusive, he did interview several people who saw silver discs in the area during that time period.

    The latter half of Friday's show was Open Lines, featuring the "Bizarre" Hotline.

    Spotlight on: MUFON

    MUFON or the Mutual UFO Network, got its start back in 1969, when it was originally called the Midwest UFO Network. Its name change in 1973 reflected its growing status as a worldwide organization. As the largest UFO group in the United States, MUFON has chapters in virtually every state, including Puerto Rico. Some populous areas such as California have five regional chapters. Many of the state organizations have their own websites, such as Minnesota, Arizona, Iowa, and Georgia. The organization is governed by a board of directors, and the current International Director of MUFON, is John F. Schuessler, who replaced Walter Andrus Jr. after he served a 30-year stint.

    "One reason people join MUFON is because they want to be trained and have the opportunity to investigate cases," writes Elaine Douglass, Utah's Co-Director. Indeed, the MUFON Field Investigator's Manual is considered to be a universal guide in conducting hands-on research. MUFON also publishes a monthly journal which provides up-to-date coverage of ufological investigations, news and commentary.

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