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    Filmmaker Jose Escamilla appeared on Thursday night, to update his research into the inexplicable phenomenon known as "rods," which he videotaped beginning in 1994. These cylindrical objects, which can be captured by a camera set on a high shutter speed setting, vary in size from a few inches to over a hundred feet, he said.

    Escamilla, who dubbed himself the "Rodfather," believes these odd entities may be an uncategorized lifeform, which typically propels itself rapidly through the air, swimming not unlike a jellyfish. In fact, he pointed out that many sightings occur in the vicinity of water, and he has seen footage of them entering or exiting the ocean, sometimes leaving a trail of bubbles behind. This lends credence to the idea that they are physical, and yet they've also been seen appearing out of nowhere which suggests they may be interdimensional, he commented.

    Some bizarre new evidence has arisen in the UK, Escamilla said. He described a home video recording of a young girl singing at a wedding, in which a rod suddenly flies into her mouth, and then she pulls it out. In another case of unusual footage, Escamilla said a referee was hit by a rod at a football game, and visibly flinched. He also spoke about a close encounter a person had with a hollow cigar-shaped object that had a gelatinous membrane and made a popping sound when he poked it with a stick.

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