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    Author Kathleen Keating, the main guest on Thursday night, said a group of visionaries she has contact with, have indicated we are entering into a new time of tribulation. Keating believes such things as severe weather and earthquakes are God's way of "letting us destroy ourselves," as retribution for misdeeds. And yet, she said that such a catastrophic event as a nuclear explosion in Chicago could be "spiritual" because "it would bring us back to God."

    "The veil is thinning between our world and eternity," Keating said, and this was leading to an increase in strange dreams and visions. People have reported hearing voices coming from their air conditioners she noted. Interestingly, she revealed that her ranch, where she raises horses, is somewhat of a portal to hell. Her daughter was picked up and thrown by a force in the barn and a colt's head seemed to changed shape. Keating believes the land near her ranch, which has been found to have numerous dinosaur relics, has restless spirits about.

    Blackout Special Coverage

    Due to the major power failure on Thursday in the U.S. and Canada, George Noory presented two hours of early coverage last night, which was heard live on Streamlink, and in markets that carry the early feed. Here is a rundown of the four guests who appeared, each for a half-hour: Terrorism expert Bazzel Baz started the show and noted the proximity of timing of the blackout to the recent computer virus, which he said is believed to have originated in China. Physicist Jim McCanney followed, and spoke of a "low rumbling sonic boom," that had been heard in the area at the time of the blackout.

    James Chiles, a technology writer, appeared next, suggesting one possible cause could have been a disgruntled employee who would have the skills to inflict this kind of damage. The two-hour special closed with author Steve Quayle who said there were reports from intelligence chatter that the phrase "cutting the two currents" was heard before the blackout.

    The first regular hour of Thursday's show continued analysis of the blackout with space weather scientist Ramon Lopez who said we could rule out solar disruptions or magnetic activity on Earth as being the cause. Later investigative writer Jon Rapopport joined the program, commenting that the blackout could be a type of mind control used in order to instill widespread fear.

    UFOs and the 1965 Blackout

    On November 9, 1965, over thirty million people in the Northeastern region of the U.S. and Canada were plunged into darkness in what became known as the "Big Blackout." The official cause of the huge outage shifted from one explanation to another, until it was finally pinned on an unknown power surge that occurred at a generating station north of Niagara Falls. But what could have caused this huge wave of electricity (reportedly 1.1 million kiowatts) that led to a relay malfunction?

    Interestingly, there were a number of documented UFO sightings in the area proceeding and during the blackout. For instance, a pilot who safely landed a plane in the darkness at the airport in Syracuse, said he saw an enormous ball of light drifting in the sky. Around the same time, a flight instructor and a student who were in the air, also saw the object and pinpointed its location to be directly above the Clay sub-station, which was where the original investigation of the blackout began.

    The late Dr. James MacDonald, a noted researcher and physicist has contended that UFOs may be surrounded by strong magnetic fields which could cause power surges, and lead to a massive blackout. For more on this story read the article from UFO Canada by Yurko Bondarchuk.

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