Ghost-to-Ghost 2003

Hosted byArt Bell


Ghost-to-Ghost 2003


  • The Galveston Apparition
  • Haunting in Houston
  • About the show

    Conducting a five-hour broadcast of caller's ghost stories on Halloween night, host Art Bell said the one thing he was convinced of is "there's got to be something more [after we die]." As the calls came in, some running themes emerged such as in the case of suicide, where ghosts seem to linger in their last locations. There were also numerous incidents in which ghosts or apparitions seemed to be sending a message to the living.

    Among the specific tales, some of which were generated by Art calling listeners who'd sent advance email descriptions to him, was a woman in Houston who felt an icy sensation move into her body and then heard mysterious poundings on the window. Bill, a nurse who works at a prison in Pennsylvania, described a repeated elevator tampering that was thought to be caused by a deceased wheelchair patient.

    "I saw my father's soul leave his body," said a man who described a tiny cloud of smoke that moved from his father's body and then dissipated over the door. Another caller shared an account of a "seductive ghost" that visited him fifty years ago, and appeared to have left a triangular mark in the pupil of his eye "when she exited into another dimension."

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