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    Much of the current solar activity "is caused by comets approaching the sun," said maverick physicist James McCanney who was the guest for the first half of Friday's show. He believes that an entourage of minor planet-sized objects have been bombarding the sun, and as evidence for this, he has gathered various visual data on this page on his website. Further, he suggested that SOHO astronomers may have been keeping such information under wraps.

    McCanney said that it would difficult to draw a one-to-one correlation between geologic activity at Yellowstone and the recent outbursts from the sun. But statistically, he pointed out, there is a relationship between volcanism and solar flares.He theorized that there may be numerous "Planet X"-sized objects that make their way into our solar system over millennia as indigenous legends have described, and that our greatest worry may be debris streams that come from these objects during their passing.

    Open Lines

    The second half of Friday's show was devoted to Open Lines with a special topic line reserved for stories of strange experiences people had while looking into mirrors. One person described aquiring an antique mirror at a yard sale and seeing an odd creature step out from it. Other calls included a truck driver who saw an eerie blue light in his vehicle and then experienced missing time, and a woman who identified herself as a seer and said she saw earthquakes and terrorism coming to California in the near future.

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    Tonight we take a look at Aura photography, which some believe shows a field that emanates from living things. The Thiaoouba Prophecy site writes that human auras are "partly composed from EM (electromagnetic) radiation, spanning from microwave, infrared (IR) to UV light. The low frequency microwave and infrared part of the spectrum (body heat) seems to be related to the low levels of the functioning of our body (...circulation etc.) whereas high frequency (UV part) is more related to our conscious activity such as thinking...and emotions."

    Here are three listeners' aura photos (view here) taken via Kirlian photography and their stories and interpretations that accompany them:

    I have been interested in Auras for approx. 18 years.I read about Kirlian photography several years ago.The past few years our local "New Age" bookstore has been having open houses every few months, and during that time they have an individual come in and do aura photos with special equipment.I am an aura photo junkie.

    My auras are usually red, yellow, and orange variations.After my cat (who I adored) of 16 years passed away, I had several psychic experiences.Around that time in February 2001, I went and got my usual aura photo and was quite surprised!In the corner of the aura photo (left) is a luminous white figure surrounded by violet (spiritual color). When I took the photo home I noticed under a special light we use to view crystals up close that on my cheek next to the white figure is a sliver of white. My routine with my cat was I would pick her up and hold her (like a baby), and she would put her paw on the side of my face!What a great experience!I have had several aura photos since this time, and nothing like this has ever showed up again.

    -- Karen G.

    York, Pennsylvania


    I had just attended a lecture by Psychic/Medium James Van Praagh at the Universal Life Expo in Columbus, on Oct. 12, 2003 and went to check out the exhibits. There were several that featured Aura Photography so I decided to have my picture taken.

    The results were interesting (see left). The photographer told me that I am extremely psychic and intuitive. The white aura with blue is showing that I am extremely calm and relaxed. James Van Praagh had just led a guided meditation so I was relaxed. The photographer also said that the white orb like feature is all of my spirit guides around me. The blue at the top of the picture is my chakra aura for being calm, relaxed, and intuitive. There's also a feeling of unity, oneness with my environment, and of wanting to learn and experience.

    -- Marge Muller


    I attended a Mind, Body, Soul Expo in the Los Angeles area over the summer that offered many lectures on various subjects. One lecture I attended was about how to see auras. The lecturer had a few people including myself go to the front of the room, one at a time, so the others in the room could practice viewing their auras. When I went up there they were amazed at how bright and easy mine was to see. Many people in the room commented that they could see a large dark area looming above my left shoulder. The instructor said that often times it could be a guardian or entity.

    Later in the day I saw a booth (who were not affiliated with the aura lecturer) in the marketplace area that were taking aura photos. The person taking the photo asked if I was a healer. "Not that I know of I replied, just a normal guy I think". She told me I had very strong light coming in through my crown chakra and that I also seem to be standing in the "light" as well (something that she hadn't seen before).

    She asked me if I find that I interfere with electronics. I told her that street lights seem to turn off sometimes when I walk or drive under them, especially if I am deep thought. She then said "by the way, you seem to have an angel standing on your left side." I was blown away that what the people in the class had said earlier was now verified by the photography! So I got that going for me, which is nice.

    --Michael S.(

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