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Flu Outbreak & Yellowstone

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Linda Moulton Howe

Investigator Linda Moulton Howe of Earthfiles.com was the guest for the full Friday show. She presented special reports on the flu outbreak, China's moon missions and the possibility of eruptions at Yellowstone. She reported that the director of Epidemiology at Denver's Children Hospital said the current Fujian flu outbreak was the most severe he had seen in the last thirty years. She doesn't, however, believe this virulent epidemic is the result of any kind of bio terrorism, but rather it is part of a natural cycle that occasionally produces especially deadly outbreaks. To read more about this flu which is affecting children especially hard, go to Linda's report on earthfiles.com.

In her investigation into activity at Yellowstone National Park, Linda said there were two dozen papers presented at the current American Geophysical Union meeting dealing with the recent geologic and volcanic changes there. She interviewed Dr. Hank Heasler, the Supervisory Geologist, at Yellowstone, who told her that while the bulging and hydrothermal activity were caused by the volcano there, they had not had indications that there was imminent danger of a major eruption. To read her full interview, click here.

Linda also played her interview with Dean Cheng, an Asia analyst for the CNACorporation, who discussed the Chinese space program, and the possible rekindling of interest in America returning to the moon. For more on this, read Linda's report.

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