Mysteries of Coral Castle

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Joe Bullard, Jim Berkland

Joe Bullard shared his research into the fascinating history behind Coral Castle and its builder, Ed Leedskalnin. After being jilted by his young fiance, Agnes, in his native Latvia, Leedskalnin eventually moved to the US, where he was diagnosed with terminal tuberculosis. However, Bullard noted that Ed was eventually given a clean bill of health, and he speculated that he may have found curative powers from the magnets he was working with as he began to build Coral Castle in Florida, as a tribute to his lost love Agnes.

One of Leedskalnin's unique devices that used magnets was the "perpetual motion holder," though he never got a patent on it, Bullard said. How the frail Leedskalnin, who weighed just 100 pounds, moved the huge rocks has become an enduring mystery. He made claims that he had the same secret knowledge that was used to build the pyramids in Egypt, but after he was beaten up by thugs, he became less vocal about touting his devices, and Bullard suggested the attack may have been a deliberate attempt to silence him.

While Leedskalnin worked secretively at night carving and moving the giant coral stones, Bullard believes he may have allowed certain children to witness what he was doing. In fact, two boys once described seeing him float stones "like hydrogen balloons," he said. Bullard has tried to bring more serious attention to Coral Castle, in the hopes of unlocking some of its mysteries, but he said Florida's governor Jeb Bush did not respond to his inquiry about this when he had a meeting with him.

Yellowstone Update

First hour guest, geologist Jim Berkland correlated several events going on in the vicinity of Yellowstone as being indicative that something is happening there "that the public isn't being told about." The events detailed by Berkland, included a report of an earthquake in Wyoming, which was later reclassified as a "mine blast," the mysterious deaths of elk in the area, and a major disaster drill planned at Yellowstone on March 21st. He also noted that March 17th through the 24th is the window for likeliest quake activity this month.

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