Stargates & Dervishes

Stargates & Dervishes


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsWilliam Henry

Investigative mythologist and author, William Henry shared observations from his recent trip to Egypt, where he went in search of "stargate" secrets. He said he found evidence for such a machine on the reliefs at Abydos, describing a scene in which a Pharaoh is transformed by the Pillar of Osiris.

The Great Pyramid functions as a kind of "resonator," Henry said. And while his group was inside the King's Chamber they experienced a distinctive humming sound. It was there that he had a vision of a "smiling blue eye," which he later related to the "Eye of Horus."

Henry also discussed a whirling dervish performance he saw in Luxor. He labeled the spinning mystic prayer the "Wormhole Dance." Dervish, he explained means doorway, and the dancer's movement with 2 skirts took on the resemblance of saucer-shaped UFOs and interconnected wormholes, he said.

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