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    Scientist and author, Dr. Dean Radin shared evidence for the reality of psychic phenomena, and the contention that mind and matter are related in certain ways. "We're more hurt by people making wild claims than by skeptics," Radin said of the field of psychic study, in which he has sought to present data of replicable experiments.

    Citing the Global Consciousness Project, he noted that the random generators or "eggs" (which are said to take a "brainwave of the world's mind") began to show anomalous readings 3-4 hours before the 9-11 attacks, in a manner that was statistically unlikely if the readings were just random. It's possible this technology could eventually be used as a type of "early warning system," he commented.

    Radin also recounted some interesting anti-psi effects that began occurring around 14 days before 9-11. Positive results from online psychic recognition tests (GotPsi) dipped significantly and he speculated that this may have been caused by people having intuitions about the upcoming attacks that they were repressing and thus their psychic abilities were dampened during this time. Radin said his next book will be called "Entangled Mind," and will deal with the "human experience of non-locality," such as people sensing things at a distance from an event.

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