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Angels & Demons

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Mike Heiser

Mike Heiser, a scholar of ancient history and archaeology, discussed such topics as angels, gods, the "divine council," and monotheism. An expert in ancient Semitic languages, he said he draws his conclusions by letting the ancients "speak for themselves," in their textual materials. He noted the similarity in origin stories that run across civilizations and suggested that they "could be astronomical in their orientation." For instance, the popular combat myth of slaying the dragon, could be a reference to the Draco constellation (where the Pole Star has resided) and is tied in to cataclysmic events such as pole shifts, he explained.

Heiser said he believes angels are "transdimensional" as opposed to extraterrestrial in nature, and were created by a being rather than a force. He described a divine council presided over by this being that included angels as its members. Conversely he noted that there was counter hierarchy in the demonic world that included a serpentine race of beings, "watchers" who are deliberately attempting to destroy or pollute humanity. In his next appearance, Heiser will be presenting lectures and a workshop at the Ancient of Days Conference, being held the first week of July in Roswell, NM.

Face to Face

In an article on his website titled Was the Face Depicted 4,500 Years Ago?, Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin draws a parallel between an ancient cylinder seal kept at the Hermitage Museum and NASA's photograph of the Face on Mars. "It was a discerning fan who drew my attention to the similarity between the Face in the NASA photographs and the helmeted face of the astronaut on Mars as depicted on the Sumerian seal. Though one is shown full face and the other (in the seal) in profile, the similarity is nothing short of uncanny!" Sitchin declares, concluding that the Sumerians knew of the Face on Mars 4,500 years ago.

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