Prophecy, Nostradamus & Our Future

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Prophecy, Nostradamus & Our Future


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    Nostradamus scholar John Hogue discussed prophecy and shared his predictions (based on the writings of Nostradamus) about President Bush, Iraq, and the war on terror.

    According to Hogue, a completely relaxed mind is required in order to see into the future. He added that even the gifted mystic Nostradamus, who developed his "second sight" after losing his wife and children to the plague, had to "get out of his own way" by clearing his mind. Once the mind is open, Hogue says we must be careful not to color prophetic visions with our own hopes and fears.

    Despite that humans can see future events, Hogue does not believe in predestination. He says the future "only appears to be written because we train each generation to be mechanical." Hogue thinks we've been programmed to believe the future is preordained but, he notes, "it is not."

    Hogue indicated the war on terror would go on for 27 years, and there will be another major terrorist attack on the United States in 2008. He said we had a chance in 2002 to break the cycle of violence we're currently in, but missed the opportunity. Thankfully, he says we will have another window to review and deal with the situation in 2008.

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    When asked what they thought about the aforementioned verses, C2C listeners sent in the following comments:

    "This quatrain might refer to a near earth object (NEO) coming in across Canada and striking in New Jersey, the Garden state, which is truly in the shadow of New York. That would be an odd approach for a meteor, but who knows?

    As for the verification from the Normans? Who better than from the Canadian government, perhaps even from viewers in Montreal (at about 45 degrees North Latitude), surely the most French community in North America?

    If it entered the lower atmosphere over Montreal there could definitely be a flash, almost as impressive as an airborne nuclear explosion. In fact it would definitely set off the U.S. automated air defense systems.

    The part about it being seized means that our defense systems will probably fire on it, driving it off course. It will, however, strike a very polluted river full of sulphur....and with all the pollution from the chemical plants in Jersey, that's a no brainer. Pick the river or chemical plant of your choice. Even a relatively small NEO in the right place could create a huge hazardous materials event, on top of all of the other effects of the impact."

    --A Listener

    "I am of the opinion that these refer more to a possible asteroid collision with Earth that is going to affect NYC adversely by air (fire) and sea (tsunami)."

    --Bill C.

    "If this is a prediction about anything it is about the comet/meteor the Bible calls Wormwood Which will plunge into the Atlantic Ocean near our Eastern Seaboard. It will kill a third of the fish and other living creatures in the ocean. Though the Bible doesn't say this specifically I'm sure the waters would have a sulphur taste to them from the burning comet/meteor."


    "This could be 9/11 but I think it is closer to a nuclear attack in description... the sky actually burns when a bomb goes off - the other possibility is a meteor crashing close enough to NY for the cloud to reach the city, it too is very similar to a Nuclear bomb in effect, including the huge scattered flames and the fire approaching the city; on 9/11, after all , the flames did not approach the city, they erupted when the planes crashed. The waters of sulfur almost sound like a volcano's effect on the landscape - very unlikely!"


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