Disclosure, Contact & Energy

Disclosure, Contact & Energy


HostArt Bell

GuestsDr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer, the founder of the Disclosure Project and CSETI updated the progress of his organizations as well as addressed the connections between energy paradigms and UFO technology.

Greer had recently received an intimidating phone message left on CSETI's answering machine, which Art played over the air. A computerized voice warned: "Stop prying into government matters or dire consequences will result." Greer, who said he had gotten such calls in the past, noted that this message was unusual because the number was traced to a non-existent phone line in the Caribbean, which led him to conclude it was an "illegal rogue effort."

"We've been on a trajectory too long and need a course correction," he said, of our oil-based energy economy. Greer believes the current polluting energy systems could be replaced by clean technology that is in part related to UFO propulsion systems and antigravity that the government is keeping secret. He also discussed a "CE-5" expedition/experiment earlier that evening at Mount Shasta that he had attended with a group from CSETI. They successfully made contact with three light objects which appeared high atop the mountain by flashing lasers at them, and at one point their electromagnetic detectors went off seemingly in response to the objects' activity, Greer declared. For more, check out two photos Project Disclosure has used in their presentations.

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