Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing


HostArt Bell

GuestsStephan Schwartz

Remote viewing expert Stephan Schwartz discussed the political and social implications of the non-local mind and the physics of mass consciousness. Schwartz posits that science is undergoing a substantial change in the way in which it views the world as working. "What's emerging," Schwartz says, "is a worldview in which all life is interlinked and interdependent."

As evidence, Schwartz cited the Grinberg-Zylberbaum experiment in which two subjects are instructed to meditate together for twenty minutes then enter separate Faraday chambers (which block all electromagnetic radiation). Schwartz said the researchers discovered that the two subjects, after being separated, shared the same brain wave patterns.

Schwartz believes this and other consciousness experiments show conclusively the "state of beingness" that all life forms share, and the validity of remote viewing. According to Schwartz, remote viewing is simply a "natural part of being alive" and has been understood by "all cultures...across all times." He says the government no longer uses it, not because remote viewing is ineffective, but because some in congress think remote viewing is "satanic."

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