Investigating Roswell

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Investigating Roswell


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    The investigative team of Don Schmitt and Tom Carey shared witness accounts into various aspects of the Roswell incident as well as their experiences being involved in the archeological dig that was done in 2002 at one of the alleged UFO crash locations. Carey said the "imprint of the gouge" at the dig site impressed him, though they didn't uncover any pieces of the "memory metal" (which reports say curls back into its original shape after being bent) that they consider to be the "Holy Grail of Roswell."

    Schmitt said the dig site was exactly where Bill Brazel (son of Mac Brazel who discovered the original crash in 1947) said it would be. Bill Brazel had collected some pieces from the crash debris, but the military pressured him to give it up, Schmitt noted. Mac Brazel's niece revealed to Carey, that Mac had described the Roswell craft survivors as "unfortunate little creatures." Others have referred to them as "little people," "white rubbery powdery figures," and having heads that resembling the insect nicknamed "Child of the Earth," Carey added.

    It's possible that others of their kind came to look for the crashed disc occupants. Ranchers reported seeing "luminous objects" tracking the area with something akin to searchlights near the area, the night after the crash, Schmitt further detailed.

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