Chemtrails & Weather Modification

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Date Host Art Bell
Guests William Thomas, Whitley Strieber

Researcher Will Thomas talked about chemtrails, weather modification and US Air Force planes spraying a moisture-absorbing gel to break up storms off the coast of Florida. He said there was "very strong evidence" that Hurricane Frances was seeded with an absorbent material, and claimed this has been corroborated by two news stations in South Florida. Thomas also pointed to an experiment in which the government purportedly placed Dyn-O-Gel into a thunderstorm causing it to lose moisture and dissipate.

Thomas believes the US government has been purposely attempting to modify the climate using chemtrails. He said several air traffic controllers have reported seeing on radar (and with their own eyes) chemtrails being exhausted from large military aircraft. According to Thomas, after inquiring about them, the radar operators were told by their supervisors that it was part of a government climate modification experiment.

Thomas said two independent laboratories have confirmed that chemicals are being sprayed into the skies above the United States and Canada. Using rain and snow samples collected from affected areas, the laboratories discovered elevated levels of aluminum and barium. Two scientists at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Thomas revealed, have also confirmed the government is injecting materials into the sky. Thomas claims the US government's ultimate goal is to "own the weather."

Whitley Chat

First hour guest, author Whitley Strieber discussed several topics with Art, including hurricanes, earthquakes, weather control, and a mysterious radio signal originating from an area near Sedona, Arizona.


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