Near Death Accounts

Near Death Accounts


HostArt Bell

GuestsJeffrey Long, Vicki Noratuk

Dr. Jeff Long, a leading researcher into Near Death Experiences shared his latest findings on the phenomenon. Some 5% of the population reports having had this kind of experience, he said. NDEs often occur after all brain activity has ceased, which makes the commonly reported occurrences such as floating above the body or seeing a light in a tunnel "medically inexplicable," he commented.

Dr. Long brought Vicki Noratuk onto the program to present her remarkable NDE story which happened to her after she was seriously injured in a car accident in 1973. Blind since birth, Noratuk said she had no vision whatsoever, and even her dreams had no visual component. However, when she left her body after the accident she could suddenly see the environment which appeared "eerie and foreign" to her.

During a period when she could not be revived, she described being in a "light body" that was sucked up into a "tube thing" that transported her at a high rate of speed, passing a hellish area that smelled of sulfuric acid. Eventually she said she had an encounter with a being she identified as Jesus who told her "you must go back and give birth to your children," as well as teach people about loving and forgiveness.Upon her return, Noratuk said she wasn't able to retain a lot of the knowledge she had gleaned while in this state and Long related the remark of another experiencer who said that while in his NDE it was "like an ocean of knowledge" but upon returning "your brain is like a teacup."

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