Psychic Forecasts

Psychic Forecasts


HostArt Bell

GuestsSean David Morton, Joe Meyer

Controversial intuitive Sean David Morton talked about hurricanes, the upcoming US presidential election, the war in Iraq, and several other topics. Morton said the intense hurricanes that have plagued the southeastern United States this year are only the beginning of a cycle of much more powerful and frequent storms. According to Morton, there will be one more hurricane strike on Florida before the end of 2004. He also said he believes the power of faith/prayer kept Hurricane Ivan from hitting Jamaica.

He warned of a "great time of choosing" between 2004-2005, after which there will be a seven year planetary tribulation. He said this period will usher in an age of spiritual enlightenment, as people abandon their material possessions and band together to form communities.

Morton predicted that George W. Bush would win a second term as president by an electoral landslide. He thinks the administration will change its focus in the War on Terror from Iraq to Iran. To this end, he believes the US military triggered the earthquake in Bam, Iran in order to send in CIA agents (disguised as aid workers) and subvert the Iranian government.

Economic Impact

During the first half-hour, financial expert Joe Meyer discussed the economic devastation caused by the recent string of hurricanes that have hit Florida. He believes Florida will enter a recession, as tourists and potential new residents decide to avoid the storm weary state.

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