Terrorism, Iraq & 9-11

Terrorism, Iraq & 9-11


HostArt Bell

GuestsJoel Skousen

Joel Skousen, a political scientist and designer of high security residences, presented his analysis of terrorism threats, the Iraq war and 9-11. He suggested that since there have been no attacks since 9-11 in the U.S., that the ongoing threat is possibly being blown out of proportion as a guise for the government to restrict civil liberties.

According to his sources, Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction but they transferred them to allies such as Syria before the U.S. invaded. Further, he believes that Russia and China are the "real axis of evil" and countries like Iran are surrogates for them. He also said that Russia "cooked up the their own demise" in order to facilitate subsequent technology transfers from the U.S.

Skousen stated that the American government is withholding crucial pieces of information about the 9-11 attacks. And while he finds evidence that the Pentagon may have been hit by a missile rather than a commercial jet, he has refrained from drawing definitive conclusions about the machinations behind this. He did theorize that groups within or behind the administration may be trying to bring us closer to a global government through involving us in war.

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