A Dire Forecast

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Date Host Art Bell
Guests Evelyn Paglini

In a departure from her usual material, Dr. Evelyn Paglini parapsychologist and practitioner of witchcraft shared dire warnings concerning the weather, the economy and the war. This information, she said, came to her via psychic readings she does for individual clients around the country and since September she began to see a cluster of similar trends affecting these people.

Paglini foresees a particularly tough winter coming with bitterly cold weather, record snowfalls, "unbelievable blizzards, whiteouts, and high winds," which will trigger massive power outages. There will be huge problem with heating/fuel shortages, she predicted, and states such as Texas, California, Florida, and Louisiana will be hit with heavy flooding and winds.

In the Spring of 2005, Paglini said the economy will take a nosedive. There will be thousands of layoffs, high unemployment, record bankruptcies, and businesses will close. She forecasts a rise in the interest rate, inflation, and a major recession with the stock market eventually falling to the 7,500- 8,000 level. She also sees an escalation of the situation in the Middle East, with the conflict spreading to Iran and Saudi Arabia. A particular event will precipitate a massive build-up of American troops there, she added. She also discussed such topics as the influence of the moon, curses, auras and the practice of magic.

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