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The Miracle Show


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  • Prayer at a Hijacking
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    Guest Host Hilly Rose (email) presented Twas the Night After Christmas-The Miracle Show. In the 1st hour Glenn Kessler of HCD Research discussed a survey of physicians that his organization conducted that showed a 74% belief in miracles. The survey also revealed that a majority of doctors encourage prayer for their patients and sometimes even pray for them themselves.

    Authors Brad & Sherry Steiger discussed miracles and shared inspirational stories of healings in the middle two hours of the show. We believe there's a "miracle factor," that is not fully understood, said Brad. He recounted the story of Bobby, an 8-year old boy who had cancer that had spread to his lungs. While being given a radiation treatment, the boy had an angelic encounter in which he was taken to heaven and told he wasn't going to die. Shortly afterwards, all signs of his cancer had disappeared.

    Speaking of the power of prayer and mass prayer, Sherry said it could be like a "carrier wave," a field of consciousness that can be tapped into and that can merge with other such fields. Prayer has to be felt and believed in rather than just recited, in order for it to have power, she added.

    The last hour was devoted to Open Lines in which people shared their miracle stories. A caller from Wisconsin told of how she had an out-of-body experience during a bus hijacking, in which she was shown that many people were praying for her and she would be safe.

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