Parallel Universes

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Date Host Art Bell
Guests Michio Kaku

World-renowned physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, discussed his newest book Parallel Worlds, which presents what today's trailblazing cosmologists know about the nature of the universe, including its age, its composition, and perhaps even its eventual death.

Hypothesizing about the existence of parallel universes, Kaku said there could be millions of different universes, some that look like our own, but completely invisible to us. "We are prisoners of our sheet of paper (universe)," Kaku explained, while noting that gravity, unlike light and matter, could travel between parallel universes. Since gravity theoretically exists in all parallel worlds, Kaku said we should be able to detect "shadow" matter in these dimensions.

Kaku speculated that parallel universes would allow a sufficiently advanced civilization to escape the death of our universe trillions of years from now. According to Kaku, such a technologically advanced society would be able to "boil space" to create wormhole escape gateways into parallel universes, where they could send DNA-carrying nanobots to recreate their race. Kaku also detailed the civilization types, and discussed global climate change.

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