Biofeedback & Alpha Waves

Biofeedback & Alpha Waves


HostArt Bell

GuestsJim Hardt

Dr. Jim Hardt of the Biocybernaut Institute discussed their biofeedback technology which he said can lead to altered states of consciousness and increased functioning. "A biocybernaut is to inner space as to what an astronaut is to outer space," he explained.

The intensive 7-day training they conduct at the Institute teaches people to increase their alpha brainwaves which typically correlates with a 12 point rise in their IQ, as well as reductions in psychopathologies, he detailed. One study (featuring before and after brainwave images) showed that producing more alpha was helpful in combating aging, said Hardt.

Participants spend time in sound-proof chambers where they are wired so that their brainwaves can be recorded and monitored.Areas where people are stuck (sometimes subconsciously) are identified, and then after coaching from the Institute staff, they work through these issues by learning to produce more alpha, which they hear as increased musical sounds.Interestingly, specific brainwave patterns are associated with being able to see astral entities such as angels, or "halos" around people, he noted. These may involve the coherence (being in phase) of beta and theta waves, Hardt added.