Electronic Harassment & Mind Control

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Roger Tolces

Private investigator Roger Tolces, who specializes in electronic countermeasures, presented updates on electronic harassment, surveillance and mind control. He outlined how new technology, involving an interface brain chip, is being tested on quadriplegics that allows them to successfully control movements with their thoughts. Yet Tolces pointed out that this research is being funded by the Defense Dept., and he expressed concerns over how these applications might be militarized and/or misused.

He also spoke about problems associated with "electrosmog," namely the microwave emissions coming from the increasing number of cell phone towers. Citing the case of a woman who found herself waking at 5am, with a racing heartbeat and unable to return to sleep, he traced the problem to her proximity to three massive cell antennas. Tolces said that the antennas start powering up in the early morning as drivers on the freeway multiply and begin using their cell phones. The woman was able to get some relief by using special metalized fabrics that are made to reflect and absorb the microwaves, he said.

Iridium satellites that are now circling the planet may be the source of some types of electronic harassment, Tolces continued. As an example, he mentioned attending an electronic victims group meeting in Sacramento that he said was attacked by an energy beam that seemingly emanated from a satellite. Among the symptoms of electronic harassment, he listed headaches, nausea, dizziness, weakness, ringing in the ears, numbing of skin, irregular heartbeat, depression and difficulty in concentrating.

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