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    Founder and President of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, JZ Knight, shared her story and experiences connected with the channeling of a 35,000 year old warrior from the lost continent of Lemuria called Ramtha. He first made himself known to her "in my kitchen in Tacoma, WA in 1977," she said. Knight described leaving her body and going into a light filled tunnel, while Ramtha took over her body.

    Ramtha declared that he was a descendant of an advanced race of beings from beyond the North Star who came to Earth around 455,000 years ago. During his incarnation, in a period when the planet was wrapped in an atmospheric vapor, the 7-ft. tall warrior claimed that he conquered 2/3 of the planet over a 63 year period with his army of two million soldiers, Knight recounted. Recovering from an injury, he found enlightenment and became an "ascended" master.

    Ramtha teaches that consciousness and energy are interwoven and that each person is a god, though they may have lost touch with this knowledge. Our mission, he states, is "to make known the unknown," which is an eternal process. Knight said that during teaching sessions, Ramtha can inhabit her body for up to 12 hours at a time. According to a 1997 study, Knight undergoes specific documented changes when she is channeling.

    Quake Update

    First hour guest, geologist Jim Berkland commented on the recent quake in Ark. and Tenn. which he said was not that unusual. It occurred during one of his predicted "seismic windows" that relates to maximum tidal forces.

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    When J.Z. Knight goes into a deep trance state, she claims the powerful presence of Ramtha, the Enlightened One, comes through her to speak and interact with an audience. Here is a sampling of quotes culled from Ramtha's numerous books:

    --I am saying to you, find that which is termed your own relationship with God, and in your own relationship with God you define that individually. Once that is defined, you will be the true and relevant student of this Great Work.

    --Rediscovering the Pearl of Ancient Wisdom

    Now the birthing of the soul can be as dramatic as the birthing of the body. The birthing of the soul has to break through the thick membrane of genetic heritage. It has to break through the thick neuronet programming that everyone calls attitude.

    --Making Contact: Our Soul's Journey and Purpose Through Life

    And the greatest crowning achievement of our life is to know this mystical medicine, and it begins with to love yourself. But if you do not understand love, what does the journey mean? We know that it involves you personally-not your mate, not your children, not your parents-that this message is a mystery, but it involves you, you, you.

    --That Elixir Called Love

    We rearrange the past every time we manifest, every time we manifest...So the study then of the Great Work is to manipulate reality and evolve it.

    --A Master's Key for Manipulating Time

    A shift in quantum state brings a parallel lifetime. The relationship to you and your environment is lifted...In the parallel existence our mind does not leave our body behind in the old state but rather that the body that can also live in parallel existences because it is made of quantum material, is now shifted into the new, the new hall, the new life and everything is different.

    --Parallel Lifetimes

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