EVPs, ETs & Our Coming Doom

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EVPs, ETs & Our Coming Doom


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    Remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames returned to share his latest RV targets, as well as comment on Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and his previous Indonesian earthquake prediction, in which he said there would be a 9+ quake with an epicenter just off the northwest tip of New Guinea in March 2005. Though the actual epicenter was about 2,000 miles away from the predicted location, he claims it as a hit.

    Dames described EVP as "vestigial EM (Electromagnetic) patterns that are left behind," noting particularly that "they are not living." He said the 'Child's Voice' EVP from the 4/2/2005 show was not that of a child being drowned, but rather a fetus being aborted. Dames chose not to disclose the disturbing and gruesome details surrounding the event.

    Dames warned that we've reached the "beginning of the end," and can expect "a very serious series of events that will kill a lot of people" shortly after the Space Shuttle is forced down by a meteor shower. He said the window for the coming catastrophe falls within the next five years, and advised people to live in places with plentiful fresh water and underground protection. Dames himself will be moving from his home in Hawaii to a place in the "northern belts." Dames also discussed his work contacting extraterrestrial 'agencies' and suggested a close encounter may soon occur at a location he would not divulge at this time.

    Dames believes he has found the location of a potentially deadly geophysical event. He said there is a very high likelihood that Mt. Tarawera (38.22 S / 176.5 E), on New Zealand's central North Island, will undergo an extremely violent eruption during November 2005.

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