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    Paranormal investigator John Zaffis returned to the show, along with two witnesses, to discuss a significant poltergeist case that recently occurred to a New England family. A young girl going through puberty initially became the focus of unusual activity, with her heavy bed moving on its own. Spirits may be attracted to a child's energy or aura during adolescence, as they can draw on this energy (as well as that of electrical appliances) in order to manifest, explained Zaffis.

    Mary-Pat, the mother of the girl, said that the events started off as mischievous but over time progressed into more violent and disturbing incidents (such as scratching and biting, spontaneous fires), occurring at both their house, and the grandmother's who lived in an adjacent home on the same property. Unexplained writing was also found including a note that said "I'll kick you in your bum," and pets vanished and then reappeared in odd places such as the roof and clothes dryer.There were also numerous instances of strange formations of water in the houses, said Mary-Pat. It sometimes appeared as if "someone was blowing it across the ceiling," and the water had a yellow, glycerin look that was ice-cold to the touch, she said.

    Brendan Keenan who assisted Zaffis in this investigation discussed his documentation of the unusual activities, and also related an incident where he heard "sonic boom"-like sounds that started as a rumble and built to a climax. Zaffis said a psychic, who visited the home, discerned multiple spirits, and quite a bit of activity, though Mary-Pat commented that things had been quite calm for the last five weeks.

    Hacking Case

    First half-hour guest, computer security expert Kevin Mitnick commented on the recent news story about a hacking effort against US military networks, done by a British resident, Gary McKinnon. He was able to break into unclassified computers that didn't have the latest security patches and then installed a remote control program, said Mitnick. Interestingly, the hacker claimed he was looking for concealed UFO information. Mitnick questioned whether McKinnon would even be successfully extradited to the U.S. to face charges.

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