Rock Stars & UFOs

Rock Stars & UFOs


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMichael C. Luckman, Joyce Riley

Founder of the Cosmic Majority, Michael Luckman presented stories of various rock stars' obsessions and experiences with UFOs and aliens. Here are some of the tidbits he shared:

  • David Bowie had a telescope mounted on the top of his limousine which he used to search the skies for UFOs between concert engagements in the 1970's.
  • Sammy Hagar reported having an ET-type encounter where he felt a presence of light and the sensation that the material in his brain was being downloaded.
  • Jerry Garcia said he was locked in a futuristic spaceship for two days where he saw "insectoid presences."
  • Michael Jackson had a UFO sighting when he was in the cockpit of a plane, describing lights of many colors in a crystal shape.
  • Cat Stevens said he was vacuumed up into a flying saucer and then let go later.
  • Mick Jagger had a "flying saucer detector" installed at one of his estates in England and it was said to go off all the time.
  • Ace Frehley reportedly filmed a UFO and a 27 ft. burn trace it left behind.

Luckman theorized that ETs, may in particular, communicate with rock icons in order to influence popular culture.He said he is planning "Signal to Space" concerts for 2006, where a musical message of peace will be beamed to our solar system and beyond. Luckman can be reached at

Joyce Riley Update

First hour guest, Joyce Riley of the Gulf War Veterans Assoc. discussed the link between brain cancer and Gulf War Syndrome, with a new report indicating a large number of soldiers might have been exposed to the nerve agent sarin, when an Iraqi weapons cache was blown up. Nearly 2/3 of the soldiers who fought in the first Gulf War are sick from a combination of factors, said Riley. She has produced the new documentary Beyond Treason which is being made available free to all veterans.

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In Michael Luckman's book Alien Rock, he writes about contacts Elvis Presley reportedly had when he was a young boy with beings from a world in the Orion constellation. The information comes from Wanda June Hill, a confidante of Elvis in his later years, who made recordings of their conversations (with Elvis' permission). The beings, who showed themselves as "light forms," revealed to young Elvis a future version of himself on a stage and also told him that he actually hailed from their "blue star planet."

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