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Experiments & Conspiracies


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    Documentary film maker and author, Jon Ronson spoke about his investigation into the US military's strange experiments with the paranormal. At the "Goat Lab," tests were made to see if people could kill animals by simply staring at them. One man, Guy Savelli, who Ronson interviewed, told him that he was able to knock down one of the goats through remote influencing.

    Other experiments such as walking through walls and becoming invisible were less successful, Ronson reported. The unit that conducted the tests, known as The First Earth Battalion, was spearheaded by Jim Channon who incorporated a number of "new age" teachings into the program. Ronson believes that the use of sound on prisoners at such places at Guantanamo Bay developed out of the Battalion's tests.

    He also discussed his infiltration of the Bilderberg Group and Bohemian Grove. One of the "Bilderbergers" told him that they do have an agenda towards a one-world government. He characterized the rituals he witnessed at the Bohemian Grove as a "weird mix of paganism and Broadway," but not necessarily of evil intent. This was in contrast to Alex Jones, who joined the program for a segment to offer his viewpoint that the Bohemian ceremonies, such as a mock human sacrifice, were "Luciferian in nature."

    Quake Update

    First half-hour guest, geologist Jim Berkland commented on a recent swarm of quakes in Southern California, saying that they may be reducing strain that would otherwise be released in a larger quake. He did predict a 6+ quake for the Los Angeles area, because heavy winter rainfall and upcoming extreme tides fit a pattern when such quakes occurred there before.

    Infrastructure Issues

    Second half-hour guests Randy Haymen & Jeff Theerman with the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District discussed the Great 1993 Flood in relation to New Orleans' infrastructure issues. Theerman pointed out the difficulties in getting a sewage treatment plant back up on line when the power is out, and noted how fragile infrastructure systems can be. Haymen commented that the New Orleans flood is an unprecedented situation for the United States, but that a lot of the responsibility will end up falling on Louisiana.

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