EVP in the House

EVP in the House


HostArt Bell

GuestsBarbara McBeath, Brendan Cook

Brendan Cook & Barbara McBeath, from the Ghost Investigators Society, returned with a new selection of actual recorded voices of ghosts, known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). They presented a series of nine selections recorded from the home of two women, who were novice Wicca practitioners. The residents reported being harassed by a malicious spirit(s), and one of them said she had been repeatedly scratched by this entity.

Some of the recordings made in their home sounded like the voice of a child or young girl. Interestingly, McBeath reported that about 80% of the anomalous sounds they record in general sound like children's voices. Cook speculated that the variety of voices they recorded in the women's home may have actually just been one entity that was playing games with them, and that the women, through their Wiccan experimentation, may have inadvertently opened a door for the entity to come through.

Sinister EVP recordings made at the Exchange Building, a former mental hospital in Odgen, Utah, were also presented. Voices were interpreted to say such things as "you broke my neck" and "you hate me." Cook noted that up to 50% of their EVP recordings are unusable, because they are "doubles" where the voice occurs at the same time one of the G.I.S. crew is talking. This, he said, suggests a "residual haunting," may be taking place.

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