HAARP, Weather & Mind Control

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Date Host Art Bell
Guests Nick Begich, Mark Sudduth

The topic was Project HAARP when Art Bell returned for a conversation with Dr. Nick Begich. A long time researcher on the antenna array in Alaska which interacts with the ionosphere, Begich reported that HAARP's array has quadrupled in size in the last two years. He also revealed that the Dept. of Defense's DARPA had now taken over the program.

It's unfortunate that such technology is in the hands of the military, he commented, as some beneficial applications haven't been explored such as creating chemical reactions to reduce pollutants and adding ozone to the atmosphere. Begich believes that weather manipulation technology exists, and there is "a lot of salivation [over it] in military circles." However he doesn't find it likely that HAARP had the power to create a storm as huge as Katrina, though it might have been used to affect the storm in different ways.

It's possible that HAARP could be also be used for mind control, he mentioned. Because many of HAARP's uses may be "black projects," there is no oversight to these activities, he noted. The military use of mind control likely took place in the first Gulf War, with infrasound being embedded into radio broadcast signals, Begich added. This might explain why such large numbers of Iraqi troops simply gave up.

Wilma Update

First half-hour guest, Mark Sudduth of Hurricane Track.com reported on Hurricane Wilma, which was heading into the Florida coast. This is the "most extraordinary hurricane season" that has been experienced in modern history, he commented. There is potential this season for a massive storm to make it as far north as Long Island to wreak havoc, he warned.

Last Night

Investigative reporter Craig Whitlock discussed the Afghanistan war and how the facts were distorted. Followed by Robert Ramsay on mind reading, and synchronicity. Joe Nickell talked about Bigfoots in the last hour.

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