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  • The '$' Sign's Mercurial Origin
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    Occult historian Tracy Twyman discussed the Masonic heritage of the United States, and how the doctrines and beliefs of Freemasonry influenced Capitalism and the 'magical' American monetary system.

    According to Twyman, the markings on American money are rife with occult and Masonic symbolism. The '$' sign, for example, appears to be very similar to the Caduceus (Staff) of Hermes, which is a symbol of alchemical transformation, she explained.

    Twyman said the Federal Reserve can be viewed as "a board of magicians that declares money into existence," much like practitioners of alchemy attempted to create gold magically. Unlike money pegged to the gold standard, Twyman pointed out, this system requires the American people accept on faith that their dollars have value, since the Federal Reserve essentially creates money from nothing.

    Kathy's Message

    During the latter part of the first hour, author Jennifer Robins briefly spoke about her novel Ghostly Antiques, as well as about receiving a phone call from her deceased daughter, Kathleen. According to Robins, the message, which simply said "Kathy," appeared as a voicemail on her cellphone several months after Kathleen's death. Robins believes Kathy's message proves there is life after death.

    Vampire for Governor

    Ian was also joined in the second half-hour by Jonathon Sharkey, a former professional wrestler and self-proclaimed vampire who is running for Governor of Minnesota. Sharkey is the founder of the Vampires, Witches and Pagans (VWP) Party. He is also planning to run for president of the United States in 2008.

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